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Why Choose Us?

We at Armor Bionics specialize in image segmentation and 3D medical modeling, offering a online straight forward solution for the development of surgical planning medical models.

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We’re a startup based in Montevideo, Uruguay founded back in 2015,  ever  since, we’ve been driven in developing tailor made solutions for the medical field, designing tools for the optimization of surgery planning, designed to aid professionals in the three dimensional visualization and materialization of sliced based imaging acquisition data.

Through our online platform, using MRI or CT scans, doctors and patients can obtain highly accurate 3D printable  models that better represent the patients current anatomical condition, assisting them during the diagnostic and surgical planning stage, reducing risks, costs and surgery time.

We start from any slice image dataset source...

Reconstruct the volume and construct the model...

Edit the model according to our client needs...

And so we end up with a 3D printable file!

How does it all work?

Our data pipeline is  specifically modeled to attain to our client needs, ranging from qualified professionals to our general public casual users.

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Our team of skilled professionals is available to collaborate with you on your biomedical challenges, to get your desired results in the most efficient way, feel free to contact us anytime!

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